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Smart Cities

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been driving the evolution of Smart Cities.  New communications systems are enabling small low power sensors to be economically deployed throughout cities as well as some rural areas. EMCSI is working with the Internet of Things through building devices using communication networks such as Sigfox and Lora to bring cost effective networking solutions to business and communities.

Any asset can now collect valuable data on its usage and status.   This turns passive assets in active data collectors with information that can be used and shared across the internet.


Smart Devices in Smart Cities

Defibrillator Battery Monitor. 

A defibrillator must be ready and able to be used at any time.  Routine maintenance can be enhanced by constant monitoring of the battery condition and remotely communicating that condition to a central management system.  The defibrillator under management are therefore more economically monitored and can always known to be in working condition should they be required.

Rubbish Bin Level Monitor

Our parks, gardens, shopping strips and beaches have rubbish bins that are often overflowing with rubbish, creating a health and collection hazard.  Constant monitoring of the rubbish level gives our councils the information they need to set the collection times and days.

Remote readers for gas and water meters

Always a headache is the read of utility meters that require the attendance of a meter reader.   These mechanical displays can now be read by an electronic device fitted to the display.  The image is converted to digits and sent over the network as often as required to take the uncertainty out of the bill.


Many mobile assets such as trailers, hospital equipment, plant and machinery requires tracking and information about usage and maintenance requirements.  Low cost, low power devices using networks like SigFox, LoRa, GSM and WiFi can be used to locate and track the assets as often as required.  The collected data is then displayed on mapping applications and stored in asset management tools.   Benefits include long battery life using cheap replaceable batteries.

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